About Us

We are innovative designers, developers, insightful strategists & skilled marketers.

MND GROUP was formed in 2018 to assist businesses in mastering the accelerated pace of technology change, allowing them to have more meaningful interactions with their customers. Our offices in Melbourne continue to take on these types of challenges for our clients. We’re proud of the award-winning work we’ve done for a diverse group of forward-thinking clients, as well as the culture we’ve created.

MND Digital Group Value

Creativity Brings Us Together
This idea is ingrained in our collective psyche. It symbolises our dedication to marketing  &  growth which is  serves as the foundation for trust across our teams and studios.
Improve The Situation
Our dedication to craft ensures that we not only achieve what is expected but also go above and beyond to create work of actual, long-term worth.
Feel Free To Express Yourself.
Creativity blooms when everyone is free to be themselves, whether it be loud, silent, strange, or wild. Whatever makes them stand out. Everyone is welcome.
Greatest Respect
We always value each other, our work, our clients, and our limits. We develop trust and demonstrate our dedication to each other and our mission by treating each other with respect.
Irresistible Curiosity
We are never pleased with the obvious, the simple, or the convenient. We are constantly amazed by the world around us, and we try to reflect it in our work.
Be Authentic.
We talk in a clear and direct manner. We are attentive and empathic when we listen. To build high-performing teams and bring clarity to our work, we value feedback, reflection, and communication.